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Flight Operations Course (Weight & Balance)
Weight (Mass) and Balance Course


The load master is part of the air crew in air cargo operations, in both civil and military aviation. He is responsible for the correct loading of cargo, accompanies the crew on flights and is usually responsible for tasks such as logging flying hours and monitoring the amount of fuel used. Load masters are also employed in certain helicopter operations, especially off-shore ship-servicing and oil exploration. In these cases, the load master usually doubles as the cabin attendant, and often also the winch operator, responsible for loading and unloading cargo, or picking up and lowering people while the helicopter stays in hover flight.


This course is designed for those who want to possess an in-dept understanding of aircraft weight and centre of gravity determination. This course will be able to help student to prepare aircraft weight and centre of gravity determination, documentations and allow them to determine aircraft load rules and loading systems.


  1. To train students in Ground Handling companies as well as dispatchers the techniques of preparing a load and trim sheet. Model B737 or A320
  2. Able to prepare aircraft weight and balance documentation

  3. Able to determine aircraft load rules and aircraft loading systems

  4. Aware of CASA legislative requirements in aircraft weight and balance

  5. Familiar with aircraft weighing procedure and scales usage

Syllabus (With Examinations – General Paper + Trimming Exercise)

  1. Principles of Weight and Balance
  2. Aircraft performance & limitations
  3. Weights and Gravity
  4. Unit Load Devices
  5. Dangerous Goods and Regulations Awareness (DGR, IATA)
  6. Trimming and Load-sheet Exercise
  7. All the above syllabus conforms to FAR Part 65, ICAO Annex 6 and CASR, Indonesian DGCA
  8. Students will get a certificate of Successful Completion (Non-type) conforming to IATA WBM
  9. For Type courses, there is a customized training available


Applicants should have attained the age of 21 years before their certification

Who should attend

This course is design for Aircraft Load Masters, Cargo Load Masters for Cargo Airlines, Dispatchers in a Flight Operations Environment at least one year experience), Cadet Pilots, Pilots doing their PPL, Ground Operations Personnel, Managers in a Flight Operations Environment.

Course Fee

Course Duration:        10 Days (70 hours)

Course Schedule:        Full-time (10 Days of Instructions of 7 hours per day)

                                  Part-time (24 Evening Lessons of 3 hours per evening)

Course Fee:                SGD 4,500 per participant

Start Date:                  2 – 6, 9 – 13 June 2008          

Please contact us at Tel: 67414693 or email:

Course Award

Certificate of Successful Completion (Non-type) conforming to FAR Part 65, , ICAO Annex 6 and CASR, Indonesian DGCA and IATA WBM: given to participants who attend the full duration of the course and passed the examination conducted at the end of the course.

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